Thank you for your interest in working with The Hive Catering Co.! We are looking forward to having you on our team. To ensure a standard of service and compliance with local and state laws which which apply to our business, we ask the you carefully read the following training items and adhere to them at all times.


General Information

The Hive Catering Co. (Hive) is owned by Chef Joseph Hunt and Ashley Baldwin. Joe has been cooking and managing kitchens for restaurants and banquets for over 20 years. Ashley has a background in marketing, event planning, and business operations. Joe’s brothers, Aaron and Josh, also have extensive food service experience and often work with us on events. Our goal to have fun but also remain professional. Because we are a small business it is critical for the future of our business to put in our best effort for every event.

Our serving staff are employees who volunteer to work as we staff events. We pay our servers and bartenders for a minimum of 4 hours for each event. Servers are paid $30 per hour and bartenders are paid $35 per hour. In cases where venues are over one hour from the Portland area, we pay for travel time.

All of our team members should have a current food handler’s permit and OLCC serving permit and adhere to food and alcohol safety procedures at all times. Don’t forget to carefully read the Alcohol Service Catering Procedures below.

How to Prepare for an Event

What to Wear

Wear all black unless otherwise specified. Please avoid black jeans, as they tend to fade and look more gray. Wear comfortable shoes that are non-slip. You are welcome to wear long or short-sleeved shirts - please wear tops that would be considered a blouse or button-up. No T-shirts unless directed to wear a Hive branded T-Shirt. Please do not wear tops that show excessive skin. Please use your best judgement based on the client, type of event, and venue.

What to Bring for Every Event

  • A large bottle of water

  • Your Food Handler’s Card

  • Your OLCC Serving Permit

What to Expect

Events can vary from 25 guests to 500 guests and range in service styles:

  • passed or stationed appetizers

  • buffet, plated, or family-style meal service

  • bar service

Serving tasks can include:

  • setting up tables and chairs

  • setting tables with linens and place settings

  • setting up and maintaining food displays (buffets, appetizer stations, beverage stations)

  • serving plated food to seated guests or passing food (appetizers) to standing guests

  • bussing used tableware, glassware, and trash

  • breaking down food displays (buffets, appetizer stations, beverage stations)

  • breaking down tables and chairs

  • preparing rentals for pickup

  • general cleaning

Events are run by an Account Manager and Kitchen Lead. Below outlines the general responsibilities of each:

  • Account Manager - Works with the client all the way through the planning process. The Account Manager has the best understanding of the clients expectations and service items needed for each event. The Account Manager oversees the event as a whole.

  • Kitchen Lead - Manages the preparation and execution of food and beverages and directs kitchen staff. Chef and kitchen crew are responsible for putting out finished food products on time with good presentation.

Our Vision

It is our vision that we are considered amongst the best catering businesses in our area. We want to be known for:

  • High quality products that are both delicious and beautiful

  • The best service possible, going the extra mile for clients and guests in the pre-event process and during events

  • Being clean and professional

Alcohol Service Catering Procedures

Along with OLCC guidelines covered during the server permit, all team members must adhere to the following Alcohol Service Catering Procedures as required by the OLCC:

1. No beverages from other sources (except unopened bottles of wine) may be brought onto the premises or event. (Business name) serving staff will serve outside wine approved for the event, corkage fees may apply.

2. The Hive Catering Co., its management and service personnel, reserve the right to verify proof of age of any guest requesting an alcoholic beverage and to discontinue service to anyone deemed impaired or unable to produce proof of age as required by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. We will card anyone 30 years and younger.

3. A licensed (Business name) employee (having current OLCC permit) must serve all alcoholic beverages.

4. Guests will be asked for ID every-time when ordering alcohol, whether from a server or at the bar directly.

5. Acceptable ID is: State issued photo ID (ie Drivers License), Govt, issued military ID with photo, birthday, etc., Valid passport. All of these ID's must be current, not expired.

6. When serving alcohol at an event we will have one serving staff per 20-25 guests, plus bartender(s).

7. All Hive staff at outside events will be in Hive uniform.

8. When ordering alcoholic beverages at a bar, ID of all parties will need to be seen.

9. At outside events, where plastic cups are used. Cups of different colors and size will be used for alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, (ie 16oz cups clear for beer, 12oz solid color for soda).

Table Service:

Only licensed Hive staff will take orders and service alcohol at tables. Proper Id will be required from each person ordering. ID will be checked on all looking 30 years and younger. Again we will have one server per 20-25 guests.  Bottles of alcohol will not be allowed on the table for self service.

Confined Area:

If catering an event with a confined area for alcohol consumption we will post a Hive staff (licensed) at the entrance checking ID of anyone under the age of 30. Guests over the age of 21 with valid ID will be given an identification bracelet. Only guests wearing these bracelets will be allowed in this area.  Patrons will not be able to leave the area with alcohol

Walk Around Event (21 and older):

Prior to entering the event all guests will present ID to prove they are 21 and over. Bartenders and licensed serving staff will check ID’s of all guests prior to serving alcoholic beverages. Only one drink per person will be allowed to be ordered. All staff will monitor alcohol consumption carefully to prevent over service.

Walk Around Mixed Age:

A licensed staff member will check ID at the entrance and issue bracelets to guests 21 and over. Guest with bracelets can order drinks from the bartender. One drink per guest at a time.  We will have 1 staff member per 20-25 guests. Non alcoholic beverages will be in distinctly different cups than alcoholic beverages.

New Server Action Items

Send the following items to

  1. A copy of your OLCC Servers Permit

  2. A copy of your Oregon Food Handler’s Card

  3. A completed and signed W9 Form