The Hive Catering Co. (The Hive) requires a $4,000 food & beverage minimum on weekend days (Friday-Sunday) from May through September. For weekdays (Monday-Thursday) and weekends between October through April, there is a $2,000 minimum per event. A minimum order of 25 servings per item is also required.


A 50% deposit is required upon booking. All deposits are non-refundable within 30 days of the event date. The total of the balance, including service charge, is due 48 hours prior to your event.

A final guarantee of guest count must be received by The Hive Catering Co. 14 days prior to your event. Guest count cannot be decreased within 14 business days prior to your event. RSVP increases within 2 days prior to your event will be charged 150% of the menu price.

The Hive Catering Co. accepts personal checks, bank checks, cashier ’s checks, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Credit cards are subject to a 3% processing fee. All checks should be made payable to The Hive Catering Co. All returned checks are subject to a $30.00 NSF return check fee. The Hive requires a credit card to be held on file that will be used in accordance with the terms of the contracts unless other payment arrangements are made.



The menu is charged on a per person basis, based on the pre-determined amount set by Client. If there are additional guests, Client will pay for the additional guests at the agreed per person price.


Client is responsible for informing us if they or their guests have special requirements involving food allergies. All food is prepared in a central kitchen and may contain any allergens including milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


The Hive requires clean (no snow, ice, or mud) and unobstructed access routes to the venue for all loading and unloading. The Hive requires acceptable (level, adequate space to enter and exit venue) truck and trailer access and parking. Keeping these areas free and accessible is the responsibility of Client or its agent. Damages to venue, catering equipment, rental equipment, decorations, etc. are the sole responsibility of Client.


For drop off events, please have all of our equipment ready for pickup in one location and provide us with a 3-hour window to return to your facility. Return pickup's after 8pm will incur an additional $100 charge. If equipment is unavailable for pickup before 10pm, The Hive Catering Co. will return the following day and an addition charge may be added. If you should find our equipment after we have already left, please call us and we will return. If we need to return after pickup, an additional charge will be added.

Client accepts ultimate responsibility for missing or damaged equipment or subcontracted rental equipment. Missing or damaged catering and/or rental equipment will be billed to the Client at replacement value.


Client agrees the The Hive Catering Co. will be the exclusive provider of all food & beverage services for the event. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of The Hive. Cakes and specialty desserts are excepted.


Any change in the time, place, menu, guest count or other provisions of the event as originally planned which are requested or instituted by Client will be accommodated only where The Hive agrees to such changes after considering the cost, logistics and staffing requirements of such changes. Client will be charged for additional planning time as well as costs for food, personnel, equipment and other costs required to accomplish the changes, including any costs already incurred for food, personnel, equipment, decorations or rental items which will not be usable for the event after such changes, and taking into account any additional costs incurred because goods or services are procured on short notice. We reserve the right to substitute or alter prices up to 30 days in advance if there are unpredictable circumstances that limit accessibility to an ingredient. We reserve the right to substitute menu items based on market prices and availability.


If Client cancels the event after The Hive has purchased, rented or contracted for supplies, equipment or personnel, and The Hive is required pay for some or all such charges, Client agrees to pay all such charges promptly on being notified. Except for The Hive’s costs and charges incurred, there will be no additional cancellation fee if the cancellation is more than sixty days prior to the scheduled date. If cancellation occurs between less than 60 days prior to the scheduled date, the 50% deposit will be forfeited by Client. If the cancellation occurs less than 14 days prior, the Client is responsible for 100% of the agreed total. Client and The Hive agree that this fairly reflects The Hive’s economic losses for time, planning, and inability to schedule other business during times previously reserved for your event.


Inclement Weather Cancellation requires a 24-hour notice, and is the sole responsibility of the Client. Client must provide a telephone number for contact in case of any inclement weather needs. If Client needs to reschedule an event because of inclement weather, The Hive will attempt to reschedule, based on The Hive’s existing commitments. Client is responsible for any costs incurred by The Hive.

If The Hive is not contacted within 24 hours of an event, its production staff will assume that the event is still taking place, and will begin food and set up preparations. Once the 24 hour threshold is passed, any event will be charged incurred costs up to, but not more than the total event cost, dependent on production and purchasing processes at that time.

The Hive reserves the right to cancel any event at any time if the weather conditions are deemed unsafe to operate. Each event will be looked at on a case-by-case basis, to determine if any changes need to be made due to scheduling or the safety of The Hive’s drivers or staff. Decisions will be made after consulting the National Weather Service or local weather forecasters.


If The Hive’s performance is prevented or rendered economically impracticable by war, riot, civil insurrection, natural catastrophe (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.), legal action, court order or action of any public authority, (whether general or specifically applying to The Hive, Client or the event, then The Hive’s performance of this agreement shall be excused. Client will be responsible for The Hive’s costs and charges incurred in preparation for the event as provided herein in the case of a voluntary cancellation by Client.

Alcohol and Bar Service

We can provide bartenders to serve beer, wine, and speciality cocktails with the option for clients to provide their own alcohol or for The Hive Catering Co. to provide on a consumption basis. We require your booking to be confirmed 30 days in advance. We do not currently offer a full bar. Bar service fees include and hourly rate of $35 per bartender and an administration fee dependent on the nature of the event. There is a and a four-hour minimum per bartender. The Hive Catering Co. provides liquor liability insurance. Event insurance and special permits to serve alcohol are the responsibility of the client. We reserve the right to stop or suspend alcohol service in order to remain compliant with OLCC rules and safety guidelines.

The Hive Catering Co. (Hive) is happy to provide the service of our full bar to your event. However, to promote responsible use, the following guidelines have been established:

1. No beverages from other sources (except unopened bottles of wine) may be brought onto the premises or event. The Hive Catering Co. serving staff will serve outside wine approved for the event, corkage fees may apply.
2. The Hive Catering Co., its management and service personnel, reserve the right to verify proof of age of any guest requesting an alcoholic beverage and to discontinue service to anyone deemed impaired or unable to produce proof of age as required by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. We will card anyone 30 years and younger.
3. A licensed Hive employee (having current OLCC permit) must serve all alcoholic beverages.
4. Guests will be asked for ID every-time when ordering alcohol, whether from a server or at the bar directly.
5. Acceptable ID is: State issued photo ID (ie Drivers License), Govt, issued military ID with photo, birthday, etc., Valid passport. All of these ID's must be current, not expired.
6. When serving alcohol at an event we will have one serving staff per 20-25 guests, plus bartender(s).
7. All The Hive Catering Co. staff at outside events will be in The Hive Catering Co. uniform.
8. When ordering alcoholic beverages at a bar, ID of all parties will need to be seen.
9. At outside events, where plastic cups are used. Cups of different colors and size will be used for alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, (ie 16oz cups clear for beer, 12oz solid color for soda).

Table Service: Only licensed The Hive Catering Co. staff will take orders and service alcohol at tables. Proper Id will be required from each person ordering. ID will be checked on all looking 30 years and younger. Again we will have one server per 20-25 guests.  Bottles of alcohol will not be allowed on the table for self service.

Confined Area: If catering an event with a confined area for alcohol consumption we will post a The Hive Catering Co. staff (licensed) at the entrance checking ID of anyone under the age of 30. Guests over the age of 21 with valid ID will be given an identification bracelet. Only guests wearing these bracelets will be allowed in this area.  Patrons will not be able to leave the area with alcohol

Walk Around Event (21 and older): Prior to entering the event all guests will present ID to prove they are 21 and over. Bartenders and licensed serving staff will check ID’s of all guests prior to serving alcoholic beverages.  Only one drink per person will be allowed to be ordered. All staff will monitor alcohol consumption carefully to prevent over service.

Walk Around Mixed Age: A licensed staff member will check ID at the entrance and issue bracelets to guests 21 and over. Guest with bracelets can order drinks from the bartender. One drink per guest at a time.  We will have 1 staff member per 20-25 guests. Non alcoholic beverages will be in distinctly different cups than alcoholic beverages.