Campfire Farms is a small producer of pasture-raised, whey-fed pork founded in 2015 by Christina and Zach Menchini. Their mission is to give their animals a life as free of stress as possible and produce meat of the highest quality for our community.


Mulino, Ore.      5.7 mi
Farmer's Markets: Oregon City, Milwaulkie, and Molalla


Grano Bakery

Ulises is the master baker behind the incredible breads from Grano. Owned by he and his partner, Ava, the bakery not only produces our favorite baked goods, but also is a cozy coffee shop and local goods market.

Oregon City, Ore.      16.7 mi
Store front at 1500 Washington Street


Our source for grass-fed lamb, pasture-raised chicken (seasonal), and rabbit. SuDan Farms is a family-owned farm named for Susie & Dan.


Canby, Ore.      5.7 mi
Farmer's Markets: Milwaulkie and Portland State