Practical Savings for Wedding Day Bliss


Instead of expecting to get your dream wedding for anything under $50,000, it’s important to be realistic about the limitations of your budget. Couples that find budget vendors and expect something special to be delivered have surely set themselves up for disappointment. Planning for quality over quantity can give even small or simple weddings an aire of sophistication and working with experienced vendors will be much less frustrating. Remember – you’re going to be working with some of these vendors for a year or more.


Here’s some ideas for saving on your wedding that doesn’t require hiring inexperienced professionals -

Extend your engagement to allow yourself more time to save. You have the rest of your life to be married. If it’s important to you to have your wedding just so, another year will go by before you know it and give an big opportunity to increase your budget.


Reduce your guest list. This can be difficult, especially when parents are contributing financially and request that you invite their friends, colleagues, or clients. You’ll feel a sense of obligation to invite relatives you don’t know well or acquaintances from your friend circle, work or hobby clubs.


DIY as much as possible. Enlist skilled friends and family for fun projects. Some easy DIYs include making your own invitations, menus, and signage. Create your own playlists using Spotify Premium. Try making your own floral arrangements or doing your own hair and makeup. You can even stock your own bar and hire an independent contractor to serve it – just make sure you buy the right quantities to avoid running out or having a massive stock leftover that you can’t return. Sure, there’s a trade off for your time and energy but you’ll have more funds to allocate to other things.


Choose your venue wisely. You can save big by having your ceremony and reception in the same place, or hold one of the two on the private property of a friend or family member. If you do this, make sure you have a rain plan. You may need to rent a tent but you’ll still save thousands as long as the location doesn’t have major rental needs (namely, tenting). You’ll need to rent tables and chairs, too. If you decide to use a venue, check that they provide tables and chairs or you could end up taking on the cost of renting those in addition to the cost of the venue.


Understand gift-giving traditions. Gifts for for wedding parties and mothers-in-law only recently became popular. These aren’t a requirement. Your friends and family are there to support your marriage and to enjoy celebrating with you. They’ll understand your need to limit your spending. In the same practical gift-giving fashion, consider asking for contributions to your honeymoon fund or a “newlywed fund” for funding your future. It’s not crude, or even uncommon, to ask for cash – as long as its done with etiquette.


You can save significantly when you employ strategies in these areas. One sound word of advise for what NOT to do – avoid using credit to pay for wedding expenses. You’ll end up paying significantly more over time when you include interest. Let your wedding photos remind you of your special moment, not your credit card bill.

Ash BaldwinComment