So, We Got Engaged!

I’ll admit, its pretty strange planning a wedding as a bride. I’ve planned and managed hundreds of events with our brides and other clients preparing for corporate or non-profit events. The upside of planning a wedding with my experience is that I know what my options are from working with other wedding vendors and being at so many events. The downside is that I know how many amazing options I have - how to choose?

My budget is definitely not extraordinary. Another event professional recently told me, “rarely are we our own ideal client”. Amen. I’m definitely not going to be able to hire all the lovely vendors I wish I could - namely Alli at Bramble Floral and Cindy at Peachy Keen Coordination. Two dreams, dead.

I feel pretty confident that I can pull my wedding together since my background is also in wedding logistics. A sweet friend of mine that works with us at The Hive, Rachel, is excited to help me pull together the event design. Her weddings was one of our first ever caters. Her wedding was amazing and her penmanship skills are off the chain! I’m excited to see what we come up with.

I’m still weighing my options about my flowers. I’m a pretty creative person but I haven’t worked with flowers as would be desirable. The flowers are super important to me! I love, LOVE plants so this was kind of important to me and I’m facing a DIY. I’m going to ATTEMPT planting flowers for our wedding. I’ll keep you posted on the landscape and garden progress too, its going to be a doozy.

My goals in that regard are pretty lofty. We live on 18 acres in Canby were we lease one acre to Dirt Rich Farms. I’ve made a list of projects I want to complete before the wedding and assigned them a time frame to work on them. Because of the wedding projects, we are pulling in the reigns on our own vegetable garden this year while we transfer our garden from one site to another. We just missed the boat on doing any preparations for a smoother move last fall because Joe had surgery and life just overtook us. We have trees and plants to plant, constructions projects, and buildings to move (yes, to move!). Should be an interesting journey! At the end I feel like we might finally be settled into our live more - Fynn will be in school, our barn will be organized for smoother operations for the farm, we’ll have developed social space for having guests over, and our home kitchen will function better for us. It’s going to feel really good to accomplish these goals and develop more efficient routines!

Stay tuned!